Rice Whitener

Rice Whitener

Our whitener is designed to give uniform polish with lesser broken and highly efficient for polishing of raw rice, steamed rice, para boiled rice, boiled rice and basmati rice also. Machine has infinite adjustment for polishing; load indication facility; air suction pressure indication; good suction for high polish; low maintenance and easy to operate.

Salient Features

• High Speed and accurate rice whitening mechanism.
• Remove bran very efficiently during whitening.
• It gives higher milling yield & less broken
• Several arrangements for different quality of rice.
• Available in wide tonnage capacity basis

Model No. Input Capacity Paddy Motor Dimension (LxWxH) in mm
TRW 30
2.5-3 TPH
30 HP
1550 x 630 x 1500
TRW 40
3.5-4 TPH
40 HP
1700 x 690 x 2000
TRW 50
4-5 TPH
50 HP
1700 x 800 x 1900
TRW 60
5-6 TPH
60 HP
1700 x 800 x 1800

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