Paddy Destoner

Paddy Destoner

Paddy separator is applied for efficient separation of
stones and pebbles, glass and other high-density
matter from rice and grain and it is capable of efficiently
separating even small and light weight pebbles with the
size of a grain from the stream of product, thus ensuring
optimal rice and grain cleaning.

Salient Features

• Excellent separation of high-density particles.
• Carefully cleaned raw materials are a precondition for
achieving a high end product purity.
• Higher production with low power consumption.
• Low maintenance and minimum operating cost.

Model Input Capacity Paddy Vibro Motor Dimension (LxWxH) in mm
TSS 01
2-3 TPH
1 HP (0.5 HP x 2 Nos.)
1700 x 1700 x 1900
TSS 02
5-7 TPH
2 HP (1 HP x 2 Nos.)
1850 x 1750 x 2200
TSS 03
2 HP (1 HP x 2 Nos.)
1600 x 2200 x 3000

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