Chain Conveyor

Chain Conveyor

Our Chain Conveyors are used for a variety of applications,
such as transporting heavy loads, moving products
horizontally or inclining them upward. This machine is
commonly used in manufacturing and industrial settings to
move raw materials, finished products and waste materials.
Our product is known for its durability, high capacity and ease
of maintenance. They are known for their high-functionality
and allowing the transport of very wide or long materials.

Salient Features

• Bolted Replaceable Bottom Cover
• Bolted Flanged Top Cover
• Welded Steel Chain and Heat Treated Sprockets
• HD Head Section with Slack Side Tension Idler Sprocket Assembly
• Heavy Duty Tails Section with Bearings Supports

Capacity Material Voltage Frequency Operation Mode
1.5-6 TPH
1.5 HP
380 V
50-60 Hz

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